Khajoor Vaadi – Khajoor Vaadi


date bread

Material :-
3 bowls pitted dates
3 tbsp ghee
2 teaspoon poppy seeds
2 tbsp dry coconut

Action :-
First of all cut the dates. – Heat ghee in a pan on medium flame. – Add poppy seeds and coconut in that ghee and fry for half a minute and immediately add dates. – After adding dates, keep stirring continuously. Cook the dates until they become soft and let the mixture cool. When this mixture cools down a bit, apply ghee in a plate. – Apply ghee on hands and spread this mixture in the plate. When it spreads a little thickly, it should be crushed immediately. If desired, these rotis can be coated with silver leaf or roasted poppy seeds. These vadas are very nutritious to eat in winter.



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