phirni – phirni ~ food


turn around

Material :-
1 cup good quality rice
4 cups milk
1 cup (whole) sugar
2 teaspoons Charolais and one cup cashews
1 tablespoon raisins

Action :-
1) Wash the rice and keep it in a sieve for an hour. When the rawal becomes slightly wet, spread it in a plate or in a mixer.
2) Keep the milk warm. Don’t remove it. When the milk starts boiling, add rice semolina into it.
3) Keep the mixture on medium flame and keep stirring continuously. Semolina will become soft in half an hour, check or taste its grains with your finger.
4) Once the semolina is cooked, add sugar to it and keep stirring. The mixture will then become thin. Keep it on flame until it thickens and keep stirring.
5) When it starts thickening, pour it into a decorative vessel and add cardamom powder or essence to it.
6) When it cools down, add charoli, cashew nuts and raisins. Even if there is no dry fruit, it will do.
Keep it in the refrigerator, cool it and after meals, make small tablets and give it as halwa.



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