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Dry vegetable of sandagaya Sandaga Bhaji Sandgyachi bhaji

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Chives are a very useful dry food that can be made into a delicious vegetable and not just as a side dish. When there is never any vegetable in the fridge and you want to eat something spicy, you can always make vegetable by taking out the bones from the jar. Also a selection of vegetables, the chops are made in minimal time as there are no utensils. The vegetable can be made dry or slightly juicy as per your choice. Sandagya zingy bhaji, roti with buttermilk…really amazing!!!

Ingredients for Sandgyachi Bhaji

2 bowls of ribs,
2 large onions (finely chopped),
1 tomato (finely chopped),
2-3 teaspoons coarsely roasted peanut paste,
Homemade Black Masala (Onion Garlic Masala)
Cumin, mustard for sprinkling curry leaves (optional)

Recipe- How to make Sandgyachi Bhaji

1. Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a pan and fry the ribs in it. While roasting ribs, first the gas should be on medium flame and then on low flame. That means the ribs will be roasted.
The shanks turned golden brown and were thoroughly cooked by the time they were removed from the pan.
2. – Add some oil in the same pan. As soon as the drumstick beans are fried in oil, add enough oil to fry the onions, keeping in mind the amount of oil. – Add cumin, mustard and curry leaves in oil.
3. – Now add chopped onion to it. Fry the onion until it turns pink.
4. Add one spoon turmeric in it. Add chopped tomatoes and fry. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons onion-garlic masala/black pepper as per your choice. Mix everything well. If you do not have black masala then you can also add red chilli.

5. Roasted ribs should be added. Mix everything once and add hot water as required. Add salt as per taste (keeping in mind the salt of the bones).
6. Cover the shanks and cook for 5 minutes. The cooking of sandagya depends on the size of sandagya, thinness of the batter and how well they are roasted. If the ribs are larger, they take longer to cook.
7. Take a bone and see if it is cooked with your finger. Do not cook the ribs too soft. Finally add peanut paste. Mix everything well and finally turn off the gas.

Full Action Video: Sandaga Bhaaji | Sandgyachi bhaji


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