Narli Bhaat – Food


coconut rice

Material –
1) Two bowls of Basmati rice,
2) 4 cups water,
3) 4 tbsp sajuk ghee,
4) 2-3 cloves,
5)Cardamom Powder
6) 2 bowls grated jaggery
7) 2 cups dry coconut,
8) 8-10 cashews, 1/2 cup raisins, saffron sticks and a little orange color.

Method: Wash the rice and filter it in a sieve. – Heat ghee in a thick bottomed pan, add cloves, add rice and fry for two to three minutes. After the rice is cooked, heat the water. – Cover the vessel and continue cooking the rice on medium flame. – After the rice is cooked, spread the paratha gently and let it cool. Mix coconut, jaggery, cardamom powder, orange color in the rice gently. – Heat ghee in a pan and fry cashews and raisins. After boiling, keep it in a bowl. Add rice mixture to ghee on low flame. Close the lid and take four to five steams. Keep stirring the rice occasionally. After 10-15 minutes, spread fried cashew-curry and saffron on top and turn off the gas.

This is the recipe for making coconut rice on Narali Purnima.


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